Rather loved than understood

I am --without any particular order-- Anabelle, born in the Dominican Republic with its colors and its warmth. Designer, maker, eternal learner. I care for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, and believe that art and culture are important tools for the social and economic development of communities.  

I create one of a kind and limited edition earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. In the past I have made jewelry utilizing a variety of techniques, materials and designs; from up-cycling visually appealing objects, to working with precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones, to incorporating 3D printing technology in the production of my jewelry. My latest designs are laser cut and hand painted olive wood from the Middle East.

The Magic of translating into jewelry  an array of motives, colors and shapes found in my ever-changing surroundings, or inspired by them, is for me a fascinating process. It is like narrating a dream, or making words rhyme. The act of exploring new sources of inspiration, new patterns and textures, new materials, new techniques makes me grow intensely.  I wish to adorn a great number of bodies with well-designed, wearable works of art. I hope that these pieces of jewelry would evoke on the wearer and the viewer a happy memory, a warm feeling, a daydream and a smile.

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